👋 Hiya! We're Switchbird.

Welcome to our SMS Chatbot Playground, where you can quickly create, validate and share your bots.

Switchbird Example Bot

Messaging automation is just part of what makes Switchbird the best business messaging platform on the planet ;-) It ensures you never lose a lead, engage everyone who calls or texts, and stay responsive 24/7.

On the Playground you can:

  • Easily create SMS chatbots to capture leads, book appointments, and drive sales
  • Simulate calls and messages across platforms to see how your bot can be built once and deployed everywhere
  • Apply smart conversation design to move customers toward your desired outcomes on autopilot using both AI and rules-based automation
  • Toggle on and off business rules for opt-in compliance to reduce friction or eliminate risk
  • Experiment with our tools risk-free, and share your experiments with colleagues or clients. (Hint: This site is an amazing sales tool ;-)

When you're ready, sign up to deploy your bots to SMS, Google Business Profile, Facebook Messenger and more!

— Team Switchbird