👋 Hiya! We're Switchbird.

Welcome to our Google Business Messages Automation Playground, where you can quickly create, validate and share 2-way messaging automation flows.

Switchbird Example Flow

Smart automation is just part of what makes Switchbird the best business messaging platform on the planet ;-) It's the part that ensures you never lose a lead, always stay on-message, and maintain water-tight compliance:

  • Learn how to build automated messaging flows to capture leads, book appointments, and drive sales
  • Toggle on and off business rules for opt-in compliance to reduce friction or eliminate risk
  • Leverage AI that makes sense, like our FAQ bot that learns from your existing FAQ docs how to answer common questions in chat
  • Experiment risk-free with our tools, and share your experiments with colleagues or clients
  • When you're ready, sign up, build once and deploy everywhere

Here on the Playground, you can seamlessly toggle between SMS, GMB Messaging, and Facebook Messenger to see how your flows will look and behave on different channels. Enjoy!

— Team Switchbird